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Commitment + Consistency



Committing to a routine of consistent Therapeutic Massage is the best & only way to achieve real, long-lasting results.

Purchasing Multiple Sessions at a time keeps you committed and on track to be your own hero in the journey to living your best life.



(Important- *These are ONLY available for 90 Minute Therapeutic Massage Sessions*)

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For those in a hurry, the Packages are:

4, 6 or 8


60 or 90 Minute Sessions

Therapeutic Massage is your guide in

 Achieving & Maintaining freedom from Stress & Pain, which is keeping you from Living your Best Life.


I've created 3 Phases:



Click through the Slideshow below to determine which Package is right for you. 


4 Sessions

This package begins our journey together to discover what the root cause of the issue with a Month of Weekly Sessions.

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