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About Me

Hello!  My name is Whitney Silva, CMT, LMT.


- Founder, Owner & Current Sole Practitioner of Silva’s Massage Therapy.

- Grew up in Hudson, Ohio

- 2008 Bachelors in Business Management from St Andrews University in North Carolina

- 2009 Certified in Massage Therapy from Advanced Fuller School of Massage Therapy

- 2016 Moved back to Cleveland area

- 2018 Opened Silva's Massage Therapy on Coventry Rd. in Cleveland Hts, Ohio.


Christmas 2020 with my first dogs

Ranger the Dalmatian & Emma the English Setter.
(They have since passed away & are dearly missed.)

My Story 

I graduated in 2008 from St. Andrews University in North Carolina with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Management.  At the end of the summer, I moved to Virginia Beach, VA.  Then the economy collapsed & I was laid off from 3 jobs in 9 Months!  My confidence was completely gone.

In July of 2009, I moved down the street from a massage school & passed it many times a day.  One day, while sitting in traffic in front of the school, I realized I need a "trade" because my vague business degree with no specialty was not going to get me a fulfilling career.   My whole life, I had always been the person who would massage people's shoulders & throughout college, my athlete friends would even ask me to work on them.  So I asked a friend of mine at the time who was a Massage Therapist, if she had heard of the school.  She said she went to a different school & regretted not going to Fuller School of Massage because it had such a great reputation.  

I enrolled within weeks & earned my Certification of Massage Therapy from Advanced Fuller School of Massage in Virginia Beach, VA in 2009. 

For the next 8 years, I continued working at 'Fuller' but also worked at Chiropractor offices. Spas & contracting with a Mobile Chair Massage company a colleague owned.

In 2015, my Mother fell ill & I moved back to Cleveland in 2016 to help take care of her.  Again, I contracted with another Mobile Chair Massage company, worked at Chiropractor offices, Spas and privately until I opened Silva's Massage Therapy in 2018 here in Cleveland Heights, Ohio.

I LOVE being a Massage Therapist - meeting new people & helping them feel great is the most rewarding feeling of which I am very grateful.

The techniques I've developed over the years have set me apart from other therapists in NE Ohio.  Other than that, my clients LOVE that they are not just another client.  I truly care about every person who enters my studio.


Whether you want the deepest pressure in the Cleveland area, have a nagging injury or you want to really beat stress, I can help.  Each session is personalized to what your needs are that day.

My goal is to help you THRIVE, not just survive!

In my spare time, I spend time with, exercise and train my two current dogs who are Dalmatians.  We spend most weekends participating in competitive dog sports.  I also occasionally foster dogs or puppies for many different rescue organizations.

The Studio

My studio is incredibly comfortable & welcoming. The soothing aroma & perfect lighting will make you feel completely at ease as soon as you arrive. My massage table has the best padding of any studio in the area with both foam AND fleece padding under the soft sheets. You are not going to want the session to end! Every client gets a damp warm towel to wipe off any excess oil. We take care of payment at the beginning of each appointment so that you do not have to think about it after.

Are you ready to feel better?

Contact me now for more information or to book an appointment.

  • Athletes

  • Navy Seals

  • New Moms

  • Lawyers

  • Professional Dancers

  • Cancer survivors 

..and many more

Some of what I have been certified in includes:


-Deep Tissue-Spa-




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