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About Me

My name is Whitney Silva, CMT, LMT.

- Founder, Owner & Current Sole Practitioner of Silva’s.

I was certified at the Advanced Fuller School of Massage in Virginia Beach, VA in 2009 & moved back to the Cleveland area in July of 2016.  The techniques I've developed over the years have set me apart from other therapists I have met in NE Ohio.

Whether you want the deepest pressure in the Cleveland area, have a nagging injury or you want to really beat stress, I can help.  Each session is personalized to what your needs are that day.

My goal is to help you THRIVE, not just survive!


Some of what I have been certified in includes:


-Deep Tissue-Spa-




A few types of people I’ve helped include:


I am certified and/or had training in: Deep Tissue, Sports, Fibromyalgia, Swedish, Post-Mastectomy, Lymphatic Drainage, Pre-natal and more!

My studio is incredibly comfortable & welcoming. The decor & furnishings is always a work in progress -as each piece is curated by myself with great care (such as a fully stainless steel coffee table to my retro Midcentury Waiting Chairs). The soothing aroma & perfect lighting will make you feel completely at ease as soon as you arrive. My massage table has the best padding of any studio in the area with both foam AND fleece padding under the soft sheets. You are not going to want the session to end! Every client gets a damp warm towel to wipe off any excess oil PLUS complimentary chocolate & water bottle at the end of the session. We take care of payment at the beginning of each appointment so that you do not have to think about it after.

Silva’s is located at 1846 Coventry Rd in Cleveland Heights’ Historic Coventry Village. The entrance is between Seafood Shake & Zero Below Rolled Ice Cream. For added security, the building has a Locked Door which I remotely unlock.

Bring quarters! All parking in Coventry Village is metered!

No quarters? That's okay! Just park in the garage behind Panini's, where you can use the Passport Parking app to add time quickly just using your phone! No more worrying about running out to your car to add time to the meter!  

Here is the website where you can download for both iOS & Android

Are you ready to feel better?

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